Low-Cost, Community Owned Rural Sanitation Schemes

Contrary to other sanitation schemes, LPP works on the concept of component sharing; which clearly allocates the responsibility of services between the community and the other stakeholder (independent donor, government, or LPP). With community contributions approaching 50% of the total cost of the scheme, allocating responsibility is paramount, as it creates a sense of ownership, and ensures proper maintenance.

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    Low Cost & Sustainable Model

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    Cost divisions b/w shareholders

Urban Sanitation

The effectiveness of Lodhran Pilot Project’s community-based approach has given it an eminent position within the sanitation management of Southern Punjab. In order to improve urban sanitation conditions, LPP provides technical expertise and design solutions tailored for small communities to Local Governments on urban sanitation.

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    Individuals Benefited

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    Streets given propoer sewerage

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    Financial Partnership

Community Led Total Sanitation


As an implementing partner for various organizations such as the World Bank, UNICEF, Japan Social Development Fund and PLAN Pakistan, Lodhran Pilot project has designed, planned and executed multiple campaigns to trigger proper sanitation practices.

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    Promotion of Sanitary & Awareness Campaigns

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    Collaborating Partners

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